The Band

Bus Stop is a party band playing great funk and soul classics as well as ska, reggae and a whole lot more. Our lineup of great musicians is guaranteed to get your party started! We play throughout Hampshire and the South East including Winchester, Alton, Basingstoke, Southampton, Petersfield and Andover.

Tina - Lead vocals

Tina – lead vocals

Tina cut her teeth as a soprano soloist in church choirs. She joined her first band in 2012, adding a few years of smooth jazz to her performance repertoire, before becoming one of the founder members of Bus Stop and diving into the funky soul that was the soundtrack to her teens. Influenced by a whole raft of great vocalists from Aretha Franklin and Etta James to Marvin Gaye, she just loves to sing, and says there’s simply nothing better than being part of the Bus Stop groove. She has a versatile voice with a lot of volume when it’s needed, and is always delighted to engage with the audience to get the party going.

Wheezy - Saxophone

Wheezy – saxophone

Wheezy’s earliest memories are of listening to music in the family kitchen aged around four – it has always been in his blood. Influences in his formative years included ska, two-tone, reggae and anything on Trojan Records, plus a lot of rock n roll, big band and new wave. Influences of Rico Rodriguez, Lee (El Thompo) Thompson, Bird, Randolph Boots and Ron Jeremy, to name but a few, shout out in his playing.

From wind ensembles to big bands and covers to originals, Wheezy just loves to play. The Bus Stop groove is in his heart and his heart is in the Bus Stop groove. Wheezy says his epitaph will read: ‘Here lies Wheezy, what a blast, felt a bit queasy and puffed his last’!

Sally - Drums

Sally – drums

Sally’s formative years were spent absorbing Cream, Loussier, The Byrds, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, The Doobie Bothers and Porcupine Tree, plus plenty of soul and reggae. She went for singing lessons in later life, spied a shiny drum kit in the corner of the music room, got curious, found a great drum teacher with a very necessary sense of humour, abandoned singing and beat a thoroughly enjoyable path towards being part of the rhythm section in Bus Stop – where the fun just never stops both on and off-stage.

Dave - Guitar

Dave – lead guitar and backing vocals

Dave started playing guitar at the age of 9 and started gigging with bands at 14, and has never stopped for long! He has played with a number of bands around Hampshire over the years, covering a variety of genres from pop, rock and blues to funk. In Bus Stop he provides the melodies and rhythms and also adds backing vocals. His influences span almost any melodic guitar player from Hank Marvin to Joe Bonamassa and many in between.

Derek - Bass

Derek – bass

Derek provides the essential low-end groove that underpins the Bus Stop sound. He started out as a guitarist and has played in numerous bands both here and in the USA. He first picked up a bass guitar during a jam session and developed a natural empathy for it – a love-affair you might say. Derek has always had diverse musical tastes and likes to mix things up in his own song-writing and compositions. He’s always had a strong leaning towards funk and soul and is influenced by bass players such as Stanley Clarke, Bernard Edwards, Marcus Miller, Mark King and Flea.